Promptmakr is a platform that enables Prompt Engineers to generate and share unlimited AI art prompts for free.






App description:

Promptmakr allows Prompt Engineers the ability to create and share unlimited AI art prompts. Promptmakr's user-friendly features and wide array of options make it simple for engineers to build their own repository of prompts.
The Key Features
Create and share unlimited AI art prompts.
Easy to Use Interface: An intuitive and simple interface that allows you to create and manage prompts.
Discover a wide range of topics, including military vehicles and apocalyptic scenarios.
You can choose from a variety of styles including cinematic, detailed, dreamy, cyberpunk and more.
High-Quality Support for Images: The ability to use high-resolution pictures, up to 8K.
Specific settings and environmental elements: You can customize prompts to include specific ISO values and street scenes. Also, you can add rainforests, rivers and other environments.
Join the Promptmakr Discord Server to collaborate and connect with other Prompt Engineers.
Product Hunt: Your product will be featured on Product Hunt, a popular platform.
Examples of Use:
The Prompt Engineering team is looking for AI Art prompts.
AI Artists seeking creative inspiration for their art.
Collaborations between multiple Prompt Engineers, AI artists and other collaborators.
Individuals who are interested in the potential creative power of AI-generated artwork.
AI Art and Prompt Generation Communities or Groups
Promptmakr provides a platform for Prompt Engineers that allows them to share and create unlimited AI art prompts. Promptmakr's user-friendly platform, diverse prompt themes and community support make it an indispensable tool for those who want to explore AI-generated art and unleash their creative potential.

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