Promptly is a prompt management tool tailored for AI product teams, enabling seamless prompt development, testing, versioning, execution, and retrieval across multiple AI providers.






App description:

The Promptly tool is an AI prompt management system that was designed for AI Product Teams. It streamlines the development of prompts and enhances the AI workflow. Teams can develop, test and execute prompts for multiple AI providers using Promptly. It is a comprehensive and versatile solution.
The Key Features
Separate your prompts by project: This will make the development of new prompts easier.
APIs that are rock-solid: APIs with high reliability for retrieval, searching, and execution of data from multiple AI suppliers.
AI Provider Integration: AI providers can be called on behalf of the users to execute seamless tasks.
Tracking changes: Compare and view previous versions. Revert back to the history.
Replace variables in prompts to get personalized responses during execution.
Examples of Use:
Confident prompt release: Easily manage and release all prompts in projects.
Use rock-solid APIs to ensure prompt retrieval, execution and retrieval.
Versioning and history comparison: Compare previous prompt versions and track changes.
Implement variables to predictably personalize user responses.
The Promptly tool is an AI prompt manager that has been tailored specifically to the needs of AI Product Teams. Its versatile features such as project-based segregation, solid APIs and change tracking simplify prompt development, implementation, and versioning while providing reliable, personalized responses to users.




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