PPC Ad Editor

Collaborated on mock-ups for PPC ad campaign.
PPC Ad Editor




App description:

Google Ads Preview Generator from PPC Ad Editor allows users to create paid search mockups quickly and easily. The tool features real-time collaborative capabilities and customizable cookie consent preferences. It also provides analytical data about metrics.
The Key Features
Create mockups quickly and easily for your paid search campaign.
Real-time collaboration: Allow teams to collaborate efficiently, and streamlining client approvals.
Customizable consent preferences: Users can customize their cookie consent preferences.
Analytics Data: Give users valuable data on metrics such as the number of visitors, bounce rates, and source traffic.
Advertising and performance cookies: Use these cookies to personalize ads and optimize website performance.
Share content on social media and get feedback: Encourage users to share their thoughts and opinions via the platforms.
Examples of Use:
Create mockups of paid search campaigns for digital marketing professionals and teams.
Collaboration environments are those where the ability to collaborate in real time is essential for client approvals.
Cookies are used by users who want to customize their experience and have control over the cookies they accept.
Business and individual users interested in assessing campaign effectiveness can access analytical data.
Advertisers that want to serve personalized ads according to the browsing habits of users.
Owners of websites who want to improve performance and user experience.
Google Ads Preview Generator from PPC Ad Editor offers a flexible platform for creating mockups of paid search campaigns. It also provides collaboration tools, customisable consent preferences and useful analytical data.

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