Books tailored to cater to your specific needs, preferences, and circumstances, providing a unique and engaging literary journey.




App description:

Pooks.ai is redefining reading in the 21st century by introducing a new approach to literature. We offer a wide selection of audiobooks and personalized ebooks, allowing you to enjoy a unique reading experience.
The Key Features
AI-driven personalization: Enjoy literature as never before, with tailored books that are tailored to you and your preferences.
Wide Topic Diversity: Discover a variety of topics including health, travel, fitness, pets, and much more.
Swift Service: Within an hour, your personalized book is ready.
You can choose between audiobooks and ebooks depending on your reading preference.
What It Does:
Pick Your Book: Select a subject that interests you and begin your literary adventure.
AI Personalization: We use advanced AI algorithms to analyze your choices and situations in order to create a book that is unique for you.
Take a look at the content that is tailored to you and immerse yourself.
Ebook: $19.95
Book and audiobook: $29.95
You'll never go back to the old way of doing things once you have experienced Pooks.ai. Enjoy the pleasure of reading literature that celebrates you and understands who you are. Our AI will create a book for you that is unique and resonates with the soul. It's a literary experience like none other. Pooks.ai is the new way to read.




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