PMcardio is a medical device that assists doctors in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases






App description:

PMcardio, an AI-powered advanced medical device that enhances diagnosis and treatment for cardiovascular disease, is a powerful tool. It is a class IIb certified medical device that uses image recognition to digitalize and reconstruct 12-lead ECGs. This provides accurate and comprehensive insight to healthcare professionals.
The Key Features
Image Recognition: Reconstruct 12-lead electrocardiograms to ensure accurate diagnosis.
Diagnose 38 Cardiovascular Diseases - Accurately diagnose and identify various cardiovascular diseases.
Treatment Recommendations - Provide recommendations for treatment based on the patient's parameters and guidelines.
Create detailed ECG diagnostic reports: Enter patient data and answer clinical questions to create comprehensive reports.
Sharing and consultation: Consult with your colleagues or share reports within the app to improve patient management.
Export Reports for Analysis or Archiving.
Outstanding Performance: Improvement in detection of arrhythmias and heart attacks, along with diagnostic accuracy.
Examples of Use:
Diagnose Cardiovascular Disease: Accurately identify various heart conditions by using digitalized ECGs.
Treatment Recommendation Receive treatment suggestions based on guidelines for clinical practice and parameters of the patient.
Sharing ECG Reports with Colleagues for Consultation and Collaboration:
AI powered ECG analysis allows for remote diagnosis of heart diseases.
Enhance patient care by improving diagnostic accuracy and treatment effectiveness.
PMcardio uses AI image recognition to revolutionize cardiovascular disease treatment and diagnosis. PMcardio's accurate diagnosis, treatment suggestions, and collaboration tools empower healthcare professionals to provide exceptional patient care.

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