PlainScribe is an advanced speech-to-text and translation application designed to transcribe large files into perfect text with unmatched accuracy.




App description:

PlainScribe simplifies and improves transcription of large files. It does so with high accuracy. Our app can handle any audio or video file, including lengthy conversations, interviews and lectures.
The Key Features
Speech-to-text without hassle: Simply upload your files, and PlainScribe will take care of the transcription. You'll get a precise transcript with no fuss.
Transcribing and translating: Our app is not only able to transcribe, but also to translate into English or other languages. This makes it a versatile tool for an international audience.
Upload audio or video files of up to 100MB in size without any restrictions. PlainScribe will take care of the processing, and send you an email once it is complete.
The Pay-As You-Go model allows you to pay only for hours of audio/video that are transcribed and translated. This is a cost-effective solution.
We are committed to protecting your privacy. PlainScribe deletes all files automatically after seven days.
Transcription in 50 Languages. We offer transcription services and translation into English, Spanish and many other languages.
CSV export: Download your transcripts into an easily-readable CSV format. You can then use the files as you please.
Examples of Use:
Teachers and researchers: Save time by accurately transcribing long lectures, research interviews, and seminars.
Convert extended press releases or interviews into text to make them easier to reference.
Business Professionals: PlainScribe can be used to record important conversations or meetings, improving organization.
For content creators, simplify the transcription of videos, like YouTube videos and podcasts, to improve accessibility and optimize SEO.
Transcribing big files with PlainScribe is easy. Start using the app and experience speech-to text conversion today. Sign up and receive 30 free minutes of transcription. This will allow you to fully explore PlainScribe's potential. Join PlainScribe and turn your audio or video files into text.




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