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App description:

PDF Candy, an online platform for file conversions to PDF or vice-versa in over 20 formats of files is available. The platform also offers a variety of other PDF tools such as editing, splitting and merging files, compression, etc.
The Key Features
File Conversion: You can convert files into PDF, and PDFs in over 20 other file formats.
47 Online Tools for PDF: Use a variety of tools to edit, split, merge, compress, and much more.
Easy to use interface: You can navigate the platform and access its features easily without installing any software.
Upload your files safely and securely to maintain privacy.
Examples of Use:
File Conversion: You can convert documents, images and other files into PDF for sharing and printing.
Add or remove text, images and annotations from PDF files.
The PDF splitter and merge tool allows you to divide large documents into smaller files or combine multiple PDFs in a single document.
Reducing the size of PDF files allows for faster downloads, storage and sharing.
Add watermarks or status indicators to your PDF documents to indicate the document's status.
Protect sensitive PDF files with password protection, and limit permissions.
PDF Candy offers a wide range of PDF tools and conversion options.

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