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PageWise AI




App description:

PageWise AI, an AI-driven software tool, enhances communication within teams by providing a conversational and intuitive way to view Confluence Pages in Slack. The tool integrates with Slack accounts and Confluence, providing Confluence pages in the Slack workspace. This eliminates the need to perform repetitive searches and queries.
The Key Features
PageWise AI integrates seamlessly with Slack accounts and Confluence, bringing data from Confluence to Slack workspaces.
Conversational access: This tool allows users to easily and naturally search for Confluence Pages within Slack.
Improved Team Communication: PageWise AI simplifies conversations and improves team communications by giving easy access to information from Confluence.
Pricing plans: This tool has a flexible pricing plan with different features and payment frequency to meet the different needs of teams.
PageWise AI is scalable to meet the needs of a growing business. This ensures that the information available will be accessible as your team grows.
Examples of Use:
Slack teams who also use Confluence and want to have a more intuitive and streamlined way of accessing Confluence from within Slack.
Organisations that want to reduce the time they spend on manual searches and repetitive queries, and improve their team communications.
Team looking for a conversational and user-friendly tool to improve collaboration and gain access to hidden insights in their Confluence Knowledge Base.
PageWise AI is a powerful tool for teams that use Slack or Confluence. It provides a seamless integration to enhance team communication, and simplify accessing Confluence Pages.

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