OtterTune is a database tuning tool that optimizes performance and reduces costs for PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.






App description:

OtterTune, a revolutionary AI-powered tool for database tuning designed to improve performance and reduce costs in PostgreSQL or MySQL databases. OtterTune uses machine learning to ensure that databases are always at their peak and up-to-date with changing requirements.
The Key Features
AI-Powered Database tuning: Improve database performance by using machine learning techniques.
Simple Integration: No need to install additional software or modify code.
Retrieve important hardware and configuration information without affecting performance.
Machine Learning is a continuous learning process that improves database performance.
Save time and money: By eliminating manual tuning, administrators can save valuable resources.
Trusted and reliable: A proven track record of reliability as a database tuning solution.
Keep up to date with OtterTune's latest features and database trends by reading our blog.
Active Community: Connect with other database enthusiasts in a lively Slack group.
Examples of Use:
Database administrators: Reduce costs and improve performance without manually tuning databases.
Data-driven Organizations: Increase database efficiency for data-intensive processes and applications.
Discover the potential of AI-driven databases for your personal projects or learning.
OtterTune is a powerful, yet accessible tool for database tuning. It allows administrators to easily optimize performance while reducing costs. OtterTune, with its machine-learning support and a community of users who are committed to database optimization, is the tool of choice for administrators looking to maximize the potential of their databases.

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