Floor plans & 3D visuals for real estate & construction.






App description:

OpalAi allows users to quickly and accurately create 2D floorplans, 3D visualisations, and BIM models by scanning large areas with LiDAR. OpalAi's AI algorithm, combined with its user-friendly application, simplifies the capture and visualization of spatial data.
The Key Features
LiDAR Scanning - OpalAi uses LiDAR to capture data and create floor plans.
Easy to Use Interface: This app has a very simple, intuitive user interface that allows users to navigate easily through scanning and editing.
Texture and color customization: The app allows users to add colors and textures directly in the application, improving the visual representation.
OpalAi allows users to measure and edit the data scanned directly on their devices, giving them real-time feedback.
Users can share their floorplans and visualisations easily in different formats.
AI Enabled Accuracy OpalAi uses AI algorithms for high accuracy and minimal error margins in measurements.
Examples of Use:
Professionals in the real estate industry who require accurate floorplans and 3D visualisations to market and list properties.
Construction companies looking for efficient, accurate scanning solutions to project documentation and planning.
Professionals in interior and remodeling design who want to create accurate measurements and visual representations.
Engineers and architects who require accurate BIM and 2D floorplans for construction and design projects.
OpalAi allows users to create floor plans in 2D, 3D, and BIM using LiDAR.

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