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App description:

Olvy provides Product Managers with deep and actionable insight into customer feedback. The platform offers an AI copilot, powered by OpenAI and GPT-4. This allows Product Managers the ability to manage and analyze customer feedback efficiently.
The Key Features
AI-Generated Summary: Olvy utilizes advanced AI technologies, powered by OpenAI, GPT-4 and GPT-4 to create summaries for customer feedback. It allows Product Managers quickly to understand key messages and conclusions from large amounts of feedback.
Integrating with multiple sources: This platform can integrate with different feedback sources such as surveys, customer service tickets and social media platforms. The platform provides a complete view of feedback from customers and allows for centralized management.
Olvy delivers actionable insight based on feedback analysis. These insights allow Product Managers to prioritize actions and identify areas of focus in order to meet customer needs.
Enhanced Productivity: Olvy's automated feedback analysis reduces time and effort for Product Managers in processing and analyzing feedback. It improves the team's productivity, and enables more effective decision-making.
Examples of Use:
Olvy's Product Feedback Management is perfect for Product Managers that need to manage and analyze feedback from customers to improve products.
As a result of the tool's capability to produce actionable insights, Product Managers can make well-informed decisions based on feedback from customers and prioritise their actions.
Olvy streamlines feedback analysis, saving you time and money that you would have otherwise spent manually analysing and processing feedback.
Olvy provides Product Managers actionable, deep insights from feedback sourced directly from customers.

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