Nvidia Launchpad AI

Kick-start your AI journey with short-term access to NVIDIA AI labs.
Nvidia Launchpad AI




App description:

NVIDIA LaunchPad offers a powerful platform for users to build AI solutions. This includes AI-powered chatbots, sentiment analysis models and fraud detection XGBoost model. Platforms provide all necessary software and infrastructure. Users do not need to setup their environments themselves or supply their data.
The Key Features
Curated Labs: Access labs that are curated to guide you through the process of creating AI solutions.
Equinix hosts ready-to use infrastructure, which allows you to prototype and test AI-based models.
You can learn at your own speed with self-paced labs and experiences.
When you need help, contact NVIDIA's experts.
Learn how to confidently make design and purchasing decisions about AI projects.
Examples of Use:
Data scientists or AI professionals who want to create AI solutions, but don't have the infrastructure to do so.
Researchers and professionals who want to build AI models for various domains.
Business and organization looking to speed up their AI journey can benefit from curated labs, expert guidance and assistance.
Teams and individuals interested in gaining experience and learning about AI.
Decision makers who wish to be informed about the infrastructure, software and tools required for AI projects.
NVIDIA LaunchPad is a convenient and comprehensive platform to build AI solutions.

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