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Assisted Authorship and Storytelling Subscription Service
Novel AI






App description:

NovelAI, a subscription-based service, offers users AI-assisted storytelling, virtual companionship or a sandbox powered by GPT for their imagination.
The following are some of the key features and benefits:
AI-assisted Authorship: Create unique stories, exciting tales, romantic romances or simply play around with AI generated writing.
Images: Create images of your favorite characters using powerful AI models.
Lorebook: Store and create information about characters and worlds
Text Adventure Module: A Theme Editor allows users to customize editor fonts, colors, and sizes.
AI modules: Use specific themes to train AI, copy famous authors, or use your own data.
NovelAI allows you to import existing stories, and carry on old traditions.
NovelAI uses cases involve a variety of storytelling activities.
AI-assisted Authorship allows anyone to create quality literature, regardless of their ability.
Image Generation allows you to visualize your favorite characters.
Experience the style of famous authors by emulating them
Lorebook allows you to create and save information on worlds, characters and more.
Text Adventure Module: Customize Editor With A Theme Editor
Continue old stories by importing existing ones and continuing them on NovelAI
NovelAI has three subscription tiers, from Paper to Tablet and Scroll. Opus is for enthusiasts.

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