NOLU is a user-friendly interface that allows users to interact with the Open AI GPT-3 engine effortlessly.




App description:

NOLU simplifies interactions with Open AI GPT-3. Users can easily ask questions, and get AI-generated responses with its intuitive and simple interface.
The Key Features
Easy-to-Use Interface: An interface that is simple to use and allows for easy interaction with the Open AI GPT-3 Engine.
A powerful neural network: This is powered by a machine-learning algorithm with more than 175 billion parameters.
Trainees are trained on 45 Terabytes worth of text to gain a comprehensive understanding and context.
NOLU can be accessed from any web browser. This ensures compatibility with all devices.
AI generated answers are enhanced by incorporating context from human brain.
Test 50 Qa for Free: This free trial allows users to test the features of NOLU.
Minimal interface: Created to ensure a distraction free environment when performing focused tasks.
Examples of Use:
Professionals looking for quick answers and accuracy to their questions.
People who want to learn more about the AI generated responses.
Researchers who need access to an AI-based language model.
Open AI GPT-3 users who need a simple interface for interacting with it.
NOLU is a simple and effective way for users to interact with Open AI GPT-3. It allows them to easily ask questions, and get AI generated answers.




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