Service for accurate and quick image background removal.






App description:

No-Background, an AI service powered by machine learning, automates and simplifies the removal of image backgrounds. The service uses MODNet-based deep learning to achieve the desired result without any manual editing.
The Key Features
Automatic Background Removal: This feature uses deep-learning AI technology, based on MODNet, to automatically remove background images.
Save time: Automates the background-removal process to eliminate the need for manual edits and reduce editing times.
The free service allows you to remove the background without having to subscribe or pay any fees.
Data privacy: This feature respects the user's privacy, as it does not store any images or data. After an hour, all uploaded images will be automatically deleted.
Examples of Use:
E-commerce Removes the image background for products images in order to give online shops a professional and clean look.
Visual Design: Creates graphics or logos by extracting objects and subjects from photographs.
Photographers can isolate images, and then apply different backgrounds or effects to them for artistic purposes.
Market and Advertise: Use images with no background to draw attention to specific items or topics in advertising materials.
Background Removal for Personal Projects. For example, creating avatars and enhancing digital art.
The No-Background tool is an invaluable resource for graphic designers and photographers as well as e-commerce companies, marketers and individual users who want to remove background images quickly and precisely.

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