Neptyne is an AI-powered app development platform that transforms spreadsheets into robust application development environments.






App description:

Neptyne, an app development platform with innovative features that transforms spreadsheets into powerful development environments for apps, is a revolutionary innovation. Neptyne's cloud-based platform allows for real-time collaboration, allowing coworkers to easily work on spreadsheets and code together.
The Key Features
Cloud Collaboration: Neptyne is cloud-based, which allows for seamless collaboration on spreadsheets and code.
Python Computation Engine. Built around a Python computation engine, Neptyne gives you access to all the Python features for processing data and performing analysis.
AI Support: Neptyne has AI features that help users create formulas with complex calculations.
Neptyne allows users to create custom-made applications for data that meet their specific team needs.
Neptyne allows the importation of data sources from other third parties, which facilitates the creation of AI applications that have robust data integration.
Data Dashboards and Visibilities: Neptyne provides robust features for data visualization, which allows users to create visually pleasing and informative data dashboards.
Neptyne has a highly experienced development team. This includes software engineers, entrepreneurs and other professionals with extensive experience.
Examples of Use:
Spreadsheets can be used to develop applications by businesses and organisations.
Team members and colleagues who are working on spreadsheets and code-based projects.
Scientists and data analysts who wish to use Python as a tool for processing and analyzing large amounts of data.
Developers, entrepreneurs and anyone who needs to build customized AI-powered data applications.
Businesses looking to convert legacy spreadsheets into maintainable and scalable data applications.
Neptyne is a revolutionary approach for app development that seamlessly integrates spreadsheets, Python and AI. Neptyne can help you unlock the potential in your data, and simplify your app development.

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