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App description:

MySocialPulse is a suite of four disruptive and transformational products designed for FinTech, RegTech, and the FinTech industry.
My Stocks and Crypto Analysis - This product uses state-of the-art AI and NLP to process millions of datapoints from multiple online sources in order to give actionable insight for stock and cryptocurrency analysis.
Trade Surveillance - This product utilizes AI and NLP in order to analyze and monitor trading activity, and provides compliance teams alerts and reports regarding potential market abuse.
Artificial Intelligence (AI): This product uses AI to analyze human communication and behavior patterns in order to detect potential fraud and insider trading.
Email Surveillance - This product utilizes AI and NLP in order to analyze and monitor email communication, which provides compliance teams alerts and reports about potential misconduct.
Leading hedge funds manage $20 billion worth of assets with our products. We are able, by leveraging AI/NLP and NLP to analyze vast data sets and deliver valuable insights.

MySocialPulse can be used in the following ways:
Alerts and reports about potential financial crimes, such as insider trading and market abuse.
Stock and cryptocurrency analysis and trading activity analyses.
Email communications are monitored and analysed for possible misconduct.
Financial institutions can benefit from our services to help them stay on top of the regulatory requirements.

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