Next-gen video platform with AI-powered content search and an AI assistant.






App description: is an all-in-one video platform that offers a wide range of features for various use cases, such as courses and education, sales and marketing, events and conferences, and team communication.
Some of the key features include:
Video Player: A powerful, beautiful, and responsive HTML5 video and audio player.
Video Hosting: Robust, flexible, and cost-effective video and audio hosting.
Video Search: Search inside your videos for speech, text, people, and more.
Auto Transcriptions: Automatic transcriptions of your videos with editing and downloading options.
Player Customization: Add your logo, call-to-action, colors, and more.
Monetization: Monetize your content with ads.
AI-powered: Advanced AI analysis and video search capabilities.
API and Integrations: Programmatically interact with's technology and integrate with other services.
Use Cases
Courses and education: Create a searchable knowledge base, embed videos on your own website, and provide a clean streaming service for educational content.
Sales and marketing: Customize the player with your brand, engage with custom call-to-action screens, and track analytics such as view count, time watched, engagement, and more.
Events and conferences: Allow your audience to search for talks they missed, embed your library on your website, and track powerful analytics.
Team communication: Record screen and camera, create a searchable company knowledge base, and collaborate with team members on the platform.




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