Advanced web scraping tool powered by AI




App description:

MrScraper, an AI web scraper powered by language models and traditional scraping methods to extract web page data without code selectors. The software is able to handle complex pages and pagination. It also includes automatic proxy rotation, scheduling, and features such as automated proxy rotation.
The Key Features
MrScraper is a web scraping tool powered by AI. It uses language models and AI to collect data without the need for code.
It is able to handle large and complex pages with ease, while ensuring accurate data extraction.
MrScraper rotates proxy automatically to ensure scraping is uninterrupted and prevent IP blocking.
Pagination support: This tool allows users to download multiple pages of information.
The scheduler allows users to automate and complete data extraction by setting up repeating scraping tasks.
MrScraper is a real browser with JavaScript renderer and offers automatic captcha solution for seamless scraping.
MrScraper's core functionality is free. However, users will need to have a MrScraper (free or paid for) account and an OpenAI Token.
Examples of Use:
Researchers and data analysts who must extract and analyse data from different websites.
Web scraping is used by businesses to gather information about their competitors, conduct market research or generate leads.
The AI web scraping technique is a great tool for developers and technologists who are interested in exploring AI powered techniques.
MrScraper is a web scraping solution that combines AI with scraping methods.

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