Caption & transcribe social media videos automatically.




App description:

Motionbear, an AI tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI), automatically generates subtitling for videos. It also transcribes the audio with a high degree of accuracy. The tool offers exporting in different file formats and subtitle embedding. It also has a video repurposing function for social media.
The Key Features
Automated Subtitle generation: Generating accurate subtitles with high accuracy for videos.
Subtitle Embedding: Users can embed subtitles into the video.
Export options: exports files in SRT, VTT or TXT formats.
Video Repurposing: Optimize videos with just a few mouse clicks for different social media platforms.
Transcribing podcasts, audio files and other content is easy with Podcast Transcription.
Price: $2 for each hour of subtitling or transcription.
Other Features: Include unlimited file length, unlimited size of files, Full HD export options, video resizing, branding tools and automatic translation.
Examples of Use:
Creators of content who want to include subtitles in their videos to make them more accessible or to reach a wider audience.
For better SEO and content organisation, podcasters will need accurate transcriptions.
Producers of videos who want to reuse their videos on different platforms.
Business or individuals seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution to subtitle and transcription generation.
Users who require flexible export options for integrating subtitles with different video players.
Users who are not technically minded and need a simple tool to caption videos or transcribing audio.
Motionbear simplifies adding subtitles and audio transcription to videos.

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