Uninterrupted, Ad-Free Music to Match Your Mood






App description:

MoodPlaylist, an AI platform, provides you with personalized playlists based upon your mood, tastes, etc. Listen to music without interruption, with seamless transitions between songs, or watch videos. Make your own playlists of your favourite songs.
The Key Features
Create your own playlists of music that are tailored to suit your mood and taste.
Enjoy uninterrupted, ad-free listening to your favourite songs.
Multitask while listening to music in the background.
Crossfade - Smoothly transitions between songs to create a seamless listening experience.
Enjoy music by watching videos.
Make your own custom playlists by curating your favourite songs.
Examples of Use:
You can find the right music for your mood, or to create an atmosphere.
Listen to uninterrupted music without advertisements.
While focusing on another task, listen to background music.
Smoothly transition from song to song for an immersive and continuous experience.
Enjoy music videos for a more enjoyable audiovisual experience.
Make your own playlists with all of your favourite songs.
MoodPlaylist is a music app that offers a complete music experience. It combines AI personalization with uninterrupted listening, smooth transitions and music videos.




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