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App description:

The Monarch AI Assistant, a powerful personal finance tool powered by AI (artificial intelligence), is a sophisticated financial management application. The tool is intended to streamline and simplify financial management through a chat-based interface, which offers users personalized insights and advice.
The Key Features
Net worth Tracking: By aggregating different financial accounts, users can track their networth.
Monarch offers insights and suggestions to create budgets and manage them effectively.
This tool provides portfolio analysis, personalized investment advice and investment management.
Spending insights: The user can gain insight into his or her spending patterns through visualizations and categorized expenditures.
Custom Dashboard: A customizable dashboard centralizes key financial information.
Monarch helps you manage and track recurring income and expenses.
Collaboration: This tool allows for collaborative financial management, and the sharing of information with individuals you trust.
Examples of Use:
People who are looking for a personal finance assistant that is user-friendly, AI powered and has a high level of intelligence.
Families and couples who want to collaborate or manage their finances.
Investors who want to optimize and track their portfolio.
Users who want to stick to their budget and receive personalized financial advice.
Monarch AI Assistant is designed to provide users with all the information and tools they need to reach financial wellness.

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