Team support for product, QA, marketing.




App description:

Modly, an AI platform powered by SaaS companies and individuals, offers easy-to-use and effective solutions. The AI assistant offers a variety of tools that are tailored to different teams, helping the users increase their productivity and save time.
The Key Features
More than 200 AI-powered Tools specialized to different teams.
Productivity Enhancement: Increase productivity and save time in everyday tasks.
Support for specific roles: The tools are tailored specifically to meet the requirements and responsibilities of different types of users, including product managers, testers and developers, marketing, writers and content marketers.
A wide range of domains are available: tools for industry research, planning business, interviewing customers, competitor analysis, designing, developing, testing QA, creating content, planning blog posts, making videos, optimizing websites, planning advertising and planning social media.
The interface is easy to use and has clear input requirements.
Examples of Use:
Modly offers tools to help product managers make better decisions. These include research, planning and analysis of the competition.
Modly offers designers a variety of tools to help them create appealing visual designs.
Modly offers developers guidance and technology to help them build applications that are high performing.
Modly is a tool that QA testers use to create scenarios, test cases and bug reports in order to maintain software quality.
Modly offers content writers and marketers tools to help them create and plan their social media campaigns, including research, planning, and creating new content.
Modly’s AI assistant offers valuable assistance in a variety of domains. It allows individuals as well as SaaS companies to optimize their daily tasks, reduce time and improve productivity.




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