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Elevate Your Architectural Design with mnml AI - Where Ideas Become Stunning Designs through AI Magic!
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App description:

mnml is the gateway to architectural evolution. AI can transform your designs into beautiful ones, and offer design variations in seconds. With a single click, you can redesign interiors, outdoor spaces, and landscapes.
The Key Features
Watch your sketches and ideas transform into stunning designs with the help of AI architecture tools.
AI-powered redesigns exteriors and interiors. Create design variations in seconds.
In just one click you can render any design in over six different styles. With ease, capture night shots, CGIs, sketches in pen, and much more.
AI tools to elevate your workflow:
Exterior AI: Exterior AI can transform a sketch into countless design options.
Canvas AI allows you to modify your designs in just seconds by masking certain parts. Use inpainting for landscaping and artwork.
Interior AI: Create 20 different design styles to transform any space. Create stunning interiors in seconds by controlling finishes, lights and colors.
Sketch to Image AI: Turn your drawings into rendered images, allowing you to create design variations at an unmatched level of ease.
Landscape AI: It's easy to overcome landscape challenges using more than 15 different landscape styles. Design building entrances and backyards with ease.
Create compelling architectural concepts statements by using keywords. Tell the story of your project in a professional and precise manner.
Sign up for free with Mnml and start creating stunning designs. Sign up with Mnml to create stunning designs.

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